Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems


The digital transformation of the building sector continues to accelerate as global business leaders embrace integrated and intelligent building management and control systems. The drive towards industry 4.0, a more efficient, competitive and disruptive business model, can reduce energy consumption and operating costs while enhancing occupant comfort, safety, security, and business productivity.
However, not unlike other industrial automation control systems, the proliferation of IoT and advanced connectivity in buildings has also increased the cyber attack surface, exposing backdoor access to an IT infrastructure that was historically isolated from operational technology cyber threats. Building services and IT convergence are still operating in silos and cybersecurity baseline maturity models are still very much developing.
Both public and private buildings remain vulnerable, leaving prominent organisations at risk. The consequences of an attack on such facilities can quickly cascade into a full-scale safety-related incident resulting in loss of life, reputational and financial damage, and an impact on our economy.
The Cyber Senate inaugural Cybersecurity 4 Building Management Systems conference will bring together building owners, security, safety and facilities leaders with leading government, manufacturing, technology and cybersecurity subject matter experts to establish best practices in this unique information sharing forum. We will address the growing threat to Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Automation Control Systems (BACS), Facility Management Systems (FMS) and Energy Management Control Systems (ECMS), and provide practical and detailed insight on how we can deter, detect, respond and recover in the modern day buildings environment.


WhY Attend?

  • Gain insight into best practice from your industry peers and industrial control experts from vertical sectors.

  • Learn how building owners are ensuring supply chain security, managing third party risk and privacy.

  • Understand how to more effectively utilise standards in developing your security posture.

  • Hear how the sector are balancing IT and Building Services convergence, or managing silo’s where convergence has not yet started.

  • Ensure cyber security as your foundational requirement and adopt security by design as a priority to future resilience.

  • Learn how AI protects occupants and assets against physical and cyber threats

  • Know what is on your network, learn how effective asset inventory can facilitate your journey more effectively

  • And much more!


WHO AttendS?


This conference attendees are expected are as follows: Building property owners, Manufacturers, Integrators, Engineering, Cyber Security SME's responsible for Building Control System (BCS), Building Automation System (BAS), Building Automation Control System (BACS), Facility Management System (FMS), Energy Management Control System (ECMS)

Job Titles expected include: Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions, Head of Engineering, Head of Smart Procurement, Head of Intelligent Building, Head of Product Innovation Strategy, Head of Cybersecurity, Operational Technologies Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, IT Director, OT Security, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Engineering & Design, Cyber Security Officer, Head of Safety, Director, Cyber Security Expert and CISO, Head of IT infrastructure, Head of Operations, Digital Transformation and Innovation